Research Group of Molecular Mechanisms of Calcification

Head of Group: Anna Malashicheva, PhD in Biology, Senior Researcher.


To conduct basic research in the field of congenital and acquired diseases of the aorta and aortic valve, systematization with subsequent improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with thoracic aortic diseases.


The Research Group acts as a centre for the transfer of new technologies and interaction of the Centre’s research teams with users of research products in order to actively promote the Centre’s developments in the market of intellectual services, high technologies and search for investors.

The Group develops and introduces into clinical practice new technologies and treatment approaches for patients with thoracic aortic diseases, carries out a long-term follow-up of patients after conventional and hybrid surgical procedures.

The Group has a well-defined and consistently implemented scientific program and the key pillar is an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and research.


  • Anna Malashicheva, PhD in Biology, Head of Research Group, Senior Researcher

  • Arseny Lobov, PhD in Biology

  • Nadezhda Boyarskaya, Junior Researcher

  • Anastasia Shishkova, Junior Researcher

  • Pavel Dokshin, Junior Researcher

  • Olga Kachanova, Research Assistant

International projects

In 2019, a delegation from the University of Oslo headed by Dean of Medicine Ivar Prydz Gladhaug visited Almazov Centre. Other delegation members were: Vice Dean of Internationalization and Innovation Hilde Nebb, Professors Emeritus Ola Didrik Saugstad and Ingvar Jarle Vaage, professors Kare-Olav Stenslokken and Joel Glover, PhD student Cecilie Revhaug.

Major publications



Anna Malashicheva, Head of the Group