Developing educational programmes in Cell and Molecular Biology

Developing educational programmes in Cell and Molecular Biology

Developing educational programmes in Cell and Molecular Biology

The WCRC for Personalized Medicine is currently finalizing the major higher education programme for Master’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology (specialty 06.04.01 Biology). The programme focuses on training highly qualified specialists with knowledge and skills necessary for effective decision making in biomedical research and meeting the global challenges of personalized medicine as well as the development of innovative abilities of graduates to carry out basic and applied research in cell and molecular biology. The programme combines practical skill development with an in-depth fundamental training.

The programme will be delivered with the maximum involvement of students in research using innovative and information technologies that allow solving the tasks of personalized medicine. Upon completion of the Master's degree programme, a graduate will be able to professionally carry out applied research and solve practical problems of cell and molecular biology, develop molecular biological and biotechnological models, implement projects aimed at increasing the efficiency of innovative technologies using stem cells for the purposes of regenerative medicine, basic and applied research.

A particular focus will be on the development of a flexible individual pathway for each student. The ecosystem of Almazov Centre and WCRC for Personalized Medicine provides students with the opportunity to build their own professional path for the development of new knowledge and innovative approaches for solving global challenges using the knowledge and skills gained from the programme as well as a result of the acquired experience of research. Altogether, it will provide the basis for self-education upon completion of the Master's degree in order to create and sustain the competitive advantage at the international level and adapt to the ever-changing labor market needs.

The programme will be delivered by high-profile national and international experts. 

Graduates of the master's programme will be able to perform professional and research tasks in various research departments, clinical diagnostic laboratories, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies. They will be able to pursue careers in a range of professional areas such as research using biological systems for medical and economic purposes, basic and applied research of wildlife, development and safety control of new drugs, biomedical research using living organisms and biological systems of various levels, education.


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