Preclinical Translational Research Centre

Preclinical Translational Research Centre

The Preclinical Translational Research Centre is a new facility of the Institute of Experimental Medicine conducting state-of-the-art scientific and preclinical studies in accordance with all international standards. 

It is located at: 43 Dolgoozernaya street, Saint Petersburg 197375.

Head of the Centre: Mikhail Galagudza, MD, DSc, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Preclinical Translational Research Centre is equipped to handle the basic research of any complexity, including the study of the mechanisms underlying the onset and progression of socially significant diseases, the development of new methods for their prevention, diagnosis and treatment, as well as the development and validation of various disease experimental models, from in silico to in vivo.

The Centre has a nursery for laboratory rodents with vivariums and areas for keeping larger animals (minipigs, swine) and aquatic animals (Danio rerio and Xenopus laevis species). The Department of Biological Test Systems and Models is equipped to generate genetically modified rodents (transgenic and knockout mice) and fish.

The Centre provides a range of services for preclinical studies of drugs, medical devices, medical technologies and biomedical cell products, including in determining the scope of preclinical studies, conducting experimental studies to assess safety and efficacy, developing a study design, and reporting on the conducted preclinical studies in accordance with the modern regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation and GLP regulations. The specialists involved in the preclinical studies are regularly trained about GLP guidelines and have certificates of competence.

The Centre has state-of-the-art facilities and is fully equipped for keeping animals as well as for clinical, diagnostic, physicochemical, pathomorphological, immunochemical, physiological, cytological and molecular studies.



  • Research Department of Toxicology

  • Research Department of Pathology

  • Research Department of Microbiology, Cell Technologies and Molecular Biology

  • Research Department of Biochemistry

  • Research Department of Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology

  • Chemical Analysis Research Department

  • Research Department of Pulmonary Circulation Disorders