Research Laboratory of Prediabetes and Metabolic Disorders

Head of Laboratory: Alina Babenko, MD, DSc.

Major tasks

  • To predict the risks of carbohydrate metabolism disorders in patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome based on genetic and phenotypic predictors.

  • To develop personalized weight loss approaches; to identify predictors of response to various weight loss methods both through lifestyle changes and medication.

Focus area

The Laboratory focuses on predicting the manifestation of carbohydrate metabolism disorders by analyzing the genetic and phenotypic data of deeply profiled patient cohorts.


  • Alina Babenko, MD, DSc, Head of Laboratory

  • Yulia Kononova, Researcher

  • Tatiana Golikova (Alekseenko), Junior Researcher

  • Georgy Matveev, Junior Researcher

  • Maria Firuleva, Research Assistant

  • Alexander Loboda, Research Assistant

Newly developed and implemented technologies

"Automated information system for antidiabetic therapy selection" to support decision-making by a general practitioner (endocrinologist) when choosing therapy for 2nd line diabetes (State Registration Certificate No. 2020615687).

Scales for predicting the response to weight-loss therapy with Liraglutide and Sibutramine have been developed, and their effectiveness is being assessed.

Major publications


Alina Babenko, Head of the Laboratory