Structure and units

Structure and units

The Research Units

Research Department of Genetic Risks and Personalized Prevention

Research Centre of Unknown, Rare and Genetically Determined Diseases

Research Centre of Personalized Oncology

Research Laboratory of Novel Coronavirus Infection and Post-COVID Syndrome

Research and Educational Centre for Molecular Basis of Interaction Between Microorganisms and Humans

  • Competence Centres

    • Peptide Engineering
    • Microbial Therapy
  • Research Department of Microbial Therapy  
    • Research Laboratory of Oncolytic Bacteria  
    • Research Laboratory of Personalized Microbial Therapy  
    • Research Laboratory of Vaccine Prevention for Infectious Diseases
  • Research Laboratory for Innovative Methods of Microbiological Monitoring
  • Research Laboratory of Alternative Antimicrobial Biologicals
  • Research Department for Research Project Management