Major research areas of WCRC

As a result of the Programme, the Centre will:

  • Publish at least 152 articles in Q1 and Q2 journals
  • Hold at least 80 international research internships for a total duration of 315 months
  • Involve and engage in the WCRC at least 40 young leading scientists 
  • Create 8 therapeutic drugs 
  • Register 25 intellectual property items, including international patents and software, as well as bioinformatic programs for the analysis and use of genome-wide data
  • Create at least 10 educational programmes lasting more than 1 month, including at least one postgraduate programme and two new master's programmes
  • Engage at least 81 leading scientists, including at least 15 leading foreign scientists
  • Hold 76 international conferences and master classes 
  • Hold at least 50 educational events for schoolchildren and students on personalized medicine, genetics and new drugs
  • Train in new educational programmes at least 1,100 clinical residents, 1,350 doctors, 600 students, 120 PhD students, including at least 10 PhD students from other regions 
  • Create 18 Competence Centres for the implementation of personalized medicine technologies (7 in oncology, 4 in pediatrics and neonatology, 2 in cardiology, 1 in infectious diseases, 2 in autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases, as well as centres for functional nutrition and microbiota correction)
  • Create two new Core Facility Centres for Personalized Medicine providing the implementation of the infrastructure of the biomedical ecosystem 
  • Build at least 30 new biological collections of tissues, DNA and microorganisms to provide the possibility of developing and testing drugs for personalized therapy