Goal of WCRC

Goal of WCRC

To create a biomedical R&D ecosystem that will develop and implement diagnostic and treatment technologies based on personalized medicine, including the assessment of genetic risks, methods of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, disease biological modelling, genome modification and the creation of gene therapy drugs and biomedical cell products with the use of genome editing technologies to improve the quality of treatment and reduce mortality in various cardiovascular diseases, metabolic comorbidities, hematological malignancies and certain types of solid tumors, some infectious diseases, as well as in genetic diseases, including rare and understudied ones.


  1. To develop algorithms for assessing genetic risks for CVD and metabolic disorders of a polygenic origin in the Russian population and to determine new predictors for the development of acute complications based on ‘omics technologies and personalized prevention methods. To develop specialist training programmes in personalized medicine, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics and ‘omics data processing.
  2. To develop a set of technologies and build a world-class research and educational infrastructure for personalized diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases, including rare, understudied and unknown ones; to identify molecular mechanisms and new targets for personalized therapy of such diseases, including the creation of innovative gene therapy drugs.
  3. To develop technologies and a network of competence centres for personalized diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including hematological malignancies, brain, gastrointestinal and neuroendocrine tumors; to develop theranostic approaches in oncology and a set of personalized drugs for cancer treatment based on genetically modified cells of the immune system.
  4. To develop personalized technologies for predicting the risks in the course of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, a set of vaccines and approaches to personalized prevention of infections, as well as to create a line of autoprobiotic drugs for modifying the microbiota in autoinflammatory diseases, CVD and cancer.

Scientific novelty and world-class research

  • Determining the role of genetic risks in the development of socially significant diseases, their interaction with environmental factors and developing personalized prevention and treatment.
  • Creating a unique competence centre for the diagnosis and treatment of rare and understudied diseases, including genetic ones to carry out a full translational cycle of development – from determining the molecular cause to creating therapy targets.
  • Developing the new methods of early molecular diagnosis and treatment of cancer based on personalized markers, including theranostic methods, as well as cell products for the treatment of certain tumors using genome editing technologies.
  • Developing new antimicrobial drugs, vaccines and diagnostic agents for a number of infections, including COVID-19, that have no counterparts in the world.