Research Laboratory of Population Genetics

Head of Laboratory: Mykyta Artomov, PhD

Major tasks

  • To build a research base for polygenic diseases in the Russian Federation.

  • To develop methods for predicting metabolic disorders.

Research areas

The Laboratory focuses on two main areas: identification of congenital risks of polygenic diseases and their characteristics in the Russian population and the development of new computational methods for genomic data.

The major focus of research is to predict the manifestation of metabolic disorders by analyzing genomic data from deeply profiled patient cohorts.

Project description

  • Obtaining standardized genotyping data for a national population cohort to use in biomedical purposes.

  • In-depth analysis of genotype-phenotypic correlations and identification of new potential areas for the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases of a polygenic nature in order to create personalized prevention programs.


The Laboratory comprises a clinical unit (headed by Oxana Rotar) and a computational genetics unit.


  • Mykyta Artomov, PhD, Head of Laboratory

  • Oxana Rotar, MD, DSc, Leading Researcher

  • Maria Boyarinova, Researcher

  • Anastasia Erina, Researcher

  • Nikita Kolosov, Junior Researcher

  • Ekaterina Moguchaya, Junior Researcher

  • Valeria Rezapova, Junior Researcher

  • Dmitry Usoltsev, Junior Researcher

  • Kristina Tolkunova, Junior Researcher

International projects

МММ17, МММ18, МММ19 — global blood pressure screening campaigns to raise awareness, increase the visibility and enhance treatment of hypertension.

The Stroke in Hypertension Optimal Treatment Trial (ESH-SHOT) aimed at optimizing the secondary prevention of stroke (project participation since 2013).

TRIPLE A study (Advanced Approach to Arterial Stiffness) aimed at assessing the impact of metabolic syndrome and its components on the biomechanical properties of arteries and vascular health in different age categories.


  • State Contract No. 06/303 dated 18.05.2008 “Metabolic syndrome: epidemiology, risk factors, genetic markers and opportunities for optimizing therapy in working-age people”

  • State Contract No. 16.740.11.0175 dated 02.09.2010 “Molecular genetic determinants associated with metabolic syndrome and its components in the Russian population”

  • State Contract No. K-32- НИР / 111-5 dated 24.10.2011 “Identification of new risk factors, mechanisms leading to complications, ways of prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome”

  • Presidential grant of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science “Development of personalized approaches to the treatment of arterial hypertension based on molecular, genetic and cytokine markers, neurogenic effects, organ damage and metabolic disorders” (2018-2019)

Major publications


Mykyta Artomov, Head of Laboratory