Research Department of Genetic Risks and Personalized Prevention

Research Department of Genetic Risks and Personalized Prevention


Head of Department: Alina Babenko, MD, DSc. 

Major tasks

To search for specific predictors of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular events in various phenotypic and genotypic groups for the development of personalized prevention programs.

To create a research base for polygenic diseases in the Russian Federation and develop methods for predicting metabolic disorders.

To identify the congenital risks of polygenic diseases and their characteristics in the Russian population and develop new computational methods for genomic data.

To predict the manifestation of metabolic disorders by analyzing the genomic data of deeply profiled patient cohorts.

Focus areas

  • Obtaining standardized data on genotyping of a national population cohort for biomedical use.

  • Developing personalized programs for cardiovascular risk prediction based on omics technologies.

  • Conducting in-depth analysis of genotype-phenotype correlations and identifying new potential areas for the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases of polygenic origin in order to create personalized preventive programs.


Major publications


Alina Babenko, Head of the Department