Research Laboratory of Neurogenesis and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Head of Laboratory: Vyacheslav Dyachuk, Leading Researcher.


To investigate non-canonical mechanisms in nervous system development and study the molecular and genetic basis of the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases.

Main projects

  • Studying the role of neural crest cells and glial stem cells in the morphogenesis of embryonic tissues in transgenic animal models (Danio rerio, Mus Musculus).

  • Studying the mechanisms of natural (adaptive) transformation of embryonic stem and pluripotent cells into neurons of various ergicity and glial cells in vivo and in vitro.

  • Studying the role of glia and neurons of the peripheral nervous system in the occurrence and progression of neurodegenerative diseases as well as in the development of carcinogenesis.

Research areas

  1. Molecular hierarchy of neural crest cells and their involvement in the development of embryonic abnormalities

  2. New potentials of embryonic Schwann cells in the development of cell therapy methods for tissue morphogenesis disorders

  3. Role of mature glial cells in axon regeneration: signaling molecules and receptors

  4. Involvement of Schwann cells in carcinogenesis

  5. Development of the peripheral nervous system and its role in the homeostasis


  • Role of embryonic glial cells in the development of peripheral nervous system and neurodegenerative diseases (Russian Science Foundation)

  • Role of nerve-associated stem cells in developmental cell type specialization (Russian Science Foundation)

  • Study of the mechanisms of glial cell pluripotency in embryonic, larval development and in adult transgenic Danio rerio (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)

  • Cellular sources and mechanisms of development of peripheral neurons in bony fish (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)


  • Vyacheslav Dyachuk, PhD in Biology, Head of Laboratory, Leading Researcher

  • Marina Vasyutina, Researcher

  • Lada Murashova, Junior Researcher

  • Nikita Burzak, Junior Researcher

  • Svetlana Osipova, Junior Researcher

  • Daria Andreeva, Research Assistant

  • Antonina Udalina, Research Assistant

International collaboration

Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset (Stockholm, Sweden)

Medical Iniversity of Vienna (Austria)

Major publications