Research Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Modeling and Gene Therapy

Head of Laboratory: Anna Kostareva, MD, DSc.

Major task

To implement WCRC-based projects dedicated to deciphering the molecular mechanisms of congenital, rare and understudied human diseases.

The work based on modern technologies of molecular genetic analysis will be carried out using technologies of targeted and whole-exome sequencing, epigenetic profiling, transcriptional analysis, microRNA profile analysis, in-depth chromosome analysis through a microarray hybridization approach. The laboratory will use various cellular and animal models obtained using genome editing technologies and reprogramming methods, in particular, tissue-specific differentiated induced pluripotent cell models and genetically modified D. rerio models.

Focus areas

The laboratory is carrying out three scientific projects:

  • Using multi-omics data to diagnose rare genetic diseases (project supervisor: Anna Zlotina)

  • Creating models for genetically determined human diseases using induced pluripotent cells (iPCs) (project supervisor: Anna Kostareva)

  • Developing approaches to the creation and personalized use of gene therapy drugs for congenital genetic disorders of the neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems (project supervisor: Natalya Smolina)


  • Anna Kostareva, MD, DSc, Head of Laboratory

  • Renata Dmitrieva, PhD in Biology, Leading Researcher

  • Anna Zlotina, PhD in Biology, Senior Researcher

  • Alexandra Kozyreva, MD, PhD, Senior Researcher

  • Natalya Smolina, MD, PhD, Senior Researcher

  • Alexander Khudyakov, PhD in Biology, Senior Researcher

  • Elena Ignatieva, Researcher

  • Ksenia Perepelina, Researcher

  • Alexander Boitsov, Junior Researcher

  • Sergey Zhuk, Junior Researcher

  • Anna Churkina, Junior Researcher

  • Ksenia Sukhareva, Junior Researcher

  • Yury Vakhrushev, Junior Researcher

  • Yaroslav Dubrovsky, Research Assistant

  • Oksana Ivanova, Research Assistant

  • Margarita Komarova, Research Assistant

  • Alexey Muravyov, Research Assistant

  • Elizaveta Sivuschina, Research Assistant

  • Natalia Rodina, Research Assistant

Newly developed and implemented technologies

  • Next-generation targeted sequencing technologies

  • Microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization (array CGH)

  • Genome editing technologies

  • Functional studies using induced pluripotent stem cells

Major publications

Patents and inventions


Anna Kostareva, Head of the Laboratory