May 18–21, 2022: 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum

May 18–21, 2022: 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum

May 18–21, 2022: 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum

May 21 was the final day of the 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum, a major medical convention in St. Petersburg. The Forum was held as part of the Programme of the World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine and included in the list of events of the Russian Ministry of Health for 2022. The chair of the Forum was Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko. The Scientific Committee was chaired by Director General of Almazov Centre, President of the Russian Society of Cardiology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny Shlyakhto and included representatives not only from Russia, but also from other countries such as Sweden, Belgium, Israel, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Germany.

During 4 days, experts shared their knowledge and insights on the recent trends in medicine, innovative methods ranging from bioengineering to digital technologies and joint projects of scientists and doctors. The 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum also featured the 4th Saint Petersburg Forum of Arrhythmology chaired by Head of Arrhythmology Department, Vice-President of the Russian Society of Arrhythmology Prof. Dmitry Lebedev.

The scientific program covered such topics as clinical and interventional arrhythmology, new methods to diagnose arrhythmias; sudden cardiac death; arrhythmia mapping and catheter ablation; implantable antiarrhythmic devices; pediatric cardiology and arrhythmology, hereditary diseases; geriatric arrhythmology; antithrombotic therapy and stroke prevention; neurocardiology and neuromodulation; imaging and mathematical modeling in arrhythmology; Digital Health: digital medicine and artificial intelligence and much more. The 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum also featured Almazov Youth Medical Forum 2022. It aimed at bringing together young scientists, residents and students from all over Russia and abroad. The Youth Forum provided a platform for professional networking and created an atmosphere for informal dialogue between young researchers and novice doctors under 35 years of age.

The Almazov Youth Medical Forum 2022 featured daily workshops, best research paper award for medical students, residents and young scientists, live stage of the 4th All-Russian Student Competition in Cardiology, live stage of the 2nd All-Russian Student Competition in Cardiovascular Surgery, live stage of the All-Russian Tournament in Electrocardiography, Almazov Medical Tournament (individual competition for senior and high school students).

The Youth Forum encompassed the following topics: obstetrics and gynecology; anesthesiology, intensive care and transfusiology; hematology; cardiology; clinical laboratory medicine; molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics; neurology; neurosurgery; pathology (anatomical pathology, physiology); pediatrics; rheumatology; radiology; nuclear medicine; cardiovascular surgery, X-ray endovascular diagnosis and treatment; endocrinology; urology; general surgery; session of the Translational Medicine Cluster; school projects. The 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum featured a unique Healthcare Innovation Exhibition presenting the achievements of engineers, chemists, molecular biologists, medical practitioners and many other specialists.

Evgeny Shlyakhto closed the Forum with a final word of thanks to all attendees:

“This level of success of the Forum is largely thanks to the youth. But we must not forget that the President, the Government and the Russian Ministry of Health are doing a lot today to ensure that absolutely all conditions are in place for the innovative development of healthcare and biomedical science. The world-class research centre comprising Almazov Centre and the Institute of Experimental Medicine honorably fulfills its tasks. I wish you all good health and good luck, thank you very much for taking the time to take part in the Forum and see you next year!”.

A total of 115 symposiums, 2 round tables, 3 plenary sessions, 4 seminars, and 4 workshops took place during the 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum. There were about 3,000 onsite participants and about the same number of online participants from Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, Germany, Israel, Italy, India, Kazakhstan, China, Romania, the USA, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Switzerland.


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