Centre for Personalized Medicine launches its work

Centre for Personalized Medicine launches its work

Centre for Personalized Medicine launches its work

The WCRC for Personalized Medicine has set up new departments and laboratories that will be involved in the implementation of the development programme.

Three new research departments have been formed:

- Research Department of Genetic Risks and Personalized Prevention

- Research Department of Unknown, Rare and Genetically Determined Diseases

- Research Department of Immunology and Microbiotics.

The Research Department of Genetic Risks and Personalized Prevention comprises three unique laboratories dealing with population genetics and the relationship between genetic risks and environmental factors. The laboratories launched the key research projects on predicting acute cardiovascular events such as acute coronary syndrome and stroke. Approaches are being developed to test new hypotheses of atherosclerosis and platforms for broad genomic research are being formed to search for predictors of hemodynamic and metabolic disorders.

Six laboratories and two research groups of the Department will begin research on finding new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases, including the development of gene therapy drugs. Today, the work has already begun on the search for the molecular mechanisms of rare diseases in children and adolescents, on new approaches to the treatment of autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases, as well as molecular genetic profiling of cardiovascular disease.

The major focus of the Centre for Personalized Medicine will be Personalized Oncology. At the same time, the Centre is implementing a cancer care development programme with the establishment of 18 competence centres in various fields, including oncogenomics.

The Centre launched 19 research projects – from the creation of new anticancer drugs and drugs based on gene editing to personalized rehabilitation of patients with post-mastectomy syndrome. The research covers a wide range of issues in neuro-oncology, onco-hematology, gastrointestinal and neuroendocrine tumors. The plans of the Centre are to create new radiopharmaceuticals, CAR T-cell therapy drugs, new diagnostic algorithms for early detection of tumors, personalized molecular approaches to leukemia treatment.

The Department of Immunology and Microbiotics started a crucial research in the field of immune disorders in COVID-19 as well as the role of microbiota and its modification in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.


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